ISRF Racing news on Facebook ...

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Michael O'Neill is providing great race updates and news over on our Facebook page.

Drop over there and see what Michael is reporting - and maybe "Like" a few stories while you're there.

Drug testing kits 2015 ...

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A general meeting for presidents, secretaries and members involved with drug testing of birds will be held in Northside on Wednesday May 13th at 8pm, and testing kits will be distributed at the meeting.

Here is a link to the video by the IHU Southern Region from last year where the feather testing procedures were explained ->

Nearly there ...

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Just under 6 weeks to the first race - Thurles - 18/04/2015 :-)

2014 - St. Malo winner ...

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2014 - St. Malo winner presentation ... 

St Malo winner 2014

Alan Leap of Tallaght RPC is presented with a trophy and €500 prize money from PigeonLink for being the first PigeonLink member clocked out of St. Malow, France in 2014.

Presentation by the long time treasurer of the ISRF Willie Butler.

ISRF Ring Lists 2015

The IHU 15 S rings series are allocated as follows :
For any queries in relation to ring transfers, strays etc, please contact

You can search or report on rings over at the IHU Stray Reporting page ... or over at ...

Please note the new address for the Irish Homing Union :
PO BOX 12633
Dublin 12

ISRF Liberation News

The liberation video for the last two races in August from
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Liberation (right-click -> Save As ...)
and non-fliers
here (right-click -> Save As ...)
and here (right-click -> Save As ...)

We setup online archiving of liberation video with over the last couple of years, and you can view all our previous liberations over on YouTube.

Keep an eye on this page to view our liberation video for 2015 races.

IHU committee news

The Southern Region delegates will meet at the Northside RPC at 11:00am on sunday August 8th 2015.
Appeal by T. Dunne and other committee business to be discussed.

Racing Schedule