ISRF Results 2019

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ISRF results and points for the 2019 season are available here ...

All objections in 7 days to the ISRF Secretary please.


ISRF Draft Results 2019

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The ISRF have published draft points for Clubs, Fanciers and Birds over a number of races in 2019. All changes to the fed secretary by July 31st please.

You can view the draft results here ...

ISRF Results 2019

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ISRF Race Results for 2019 can be viewed at this page over here ...

You can also see all results from other years in the main menu above - "Results/Race Schedule"

ISRF Results input Template 2019

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The Club Secretary results entry template for 2019 is available for download now ...

[ ISRF_Results_Input_Template2.xls ] .

This is in Microsoft Excel format.


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30. The annual subscription to the Federation must be paid by the end of February in each year. Late payments may be accepted to the end of March subject to payment of double the membership subscription for that year. It must be paid through his club and there shall be no crate allowance for such member.

31. Old age pensioners who are members for at least 10 years are entitled to a reduction of €20 in their membership fee, also junior members who are under 18.

74) The fed fee be increased by 15 euro. Fed fee 90 euro (2018)

50. Payments for crates and open races. Each club to submit to the treasurer 15 blank  heques signed and crossed made out to the I S R F. 11 cheques for the payment of open races 4 cheques for the payment of crates. 2016

60. Each Club to submit the name and contact details of at least 1member to the federation secretary, these members to be responsible for submitting computerised information to the secretary as needed on behalf of the club.

71 ISRF Cheques must be cashed within 6 months of date of cheque. Cheque not cashed will not be replaced and the fancier concerned will bear the loss of the value of the cheque. ISRF Committee. 2016.

For Open Channel Races
All clocks on the channel races to be returned to clubs for 7 pm . No clocks accepted after 7 pm. No clocks to be printed before 7 pm. Birds clocked after 6pm to be returned to the club at 7pm the following evening. (2018)

For Open Inland Races.
All clocks to be returned to clubs for 5pm or within 2 hours if clocking later than 3 pm (Saturday & Sunday). No clocks to be printed before 5pm. Stations open for 1 hour. For weekday open races (Monday to Friday) all clocks to be returned to stations for 7pm or within 2 hours if clocking later than 5 pm. Committee (2018) 


18. That all Federation crates must carry a label stating club name, sex of birds in crate, and number of birds in crate.

20. That race results must be with the Federation secretary not later than three days following the close of any race. 

24. All Federation inland races are one day races. Clocks for these  races must be checked/ struck off on the day of the race. Channel races up to Sennen Cove are three day races, the French race is a four day race unless all positions are filled prior to this.

28. When race marking birds for races at least five individual members must be present before such race marking can commence (a partnership equals one member). Clubs with 10 or less members complete a sign in sheet each week and hand to the transport manager
to show minimum 5 federation members present at marking time. If no sheet is received the club is excluded from the result for that week. Clubs found to be falsifying this information to
be expelled. 

30. It is permitted for members to buy their own crate provided they can
fill the crate with the required number of birds as laid down by the

36. Any club caught carrying birds that do not belong to a member of the
Federation shall be fined €150 and the member who entered same on
race sheet shall be suspended for one year from the date of race.

42. The seal number, setting time and first available cell number of each
clock will be recorded in a book at each Open Race clock setting.

52. That the ETS sheets be accepted as official Race Sheets in open
races by the Federation

54. All clubs in the Federation have to verify all winning pigeons.

58. That the minimum number of birds per crate be as follows:
 inland federation 20 old birds 20 young birds,
 open races 18 birds,
 channel races 16 birds,
 France race 14 birds.
 A maximum of 25 birds in crates for inland races. (2015)

60  All club and federation winning pigeons to be verified by club or
federation officials. This process to include checking ownership and
liberation of the winning pigeon and re-entry to their loft being observed.
Unverified winners will be disqualified after 7 days.

61. Any competitor found by ISRF committee to be racing sick pigeons
to be suspended from racing for the following 3 weekends.

68. All clubs in Open races text ISRF secretary with top 6 velocities
within 1
hour of result being done, allowing a minimum of a top 10 provisional
result to be published on the day of the race.(2015)

70 That all basketing and clocking information regarding 1st federation
winning pigeons be sent to the federation secretary within 7 days of race
result being issued. Failure to do this will result in automatic

71 That all club crates being transported to pick up points for race
loading be accompanied by minimum 2 people. A minimum of 3 people
are required to help the load of the crates. Clubs failing to comply to be
automatically excluded from race result for that week. Habitual offenders
to be dealt with by the committee

79 Each club should be instructed to elect a chief clock setter.

97) .Clubs must text the transporter managers the total number of
full crates before the full crates leave their club. Each week. (2018)
Clubs to input club weekly result into PIgeonlink each week when
Clubs to e mail weekly spread sheet to ISRF Secretary with club results,
total members and birds sent to race.


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