ISRF Race Report Skibbereen 14-05-2022

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ISRF Race Report Skibbereen 14-05-2022

Our Club PRO Michael Feeney has written up the race report from Skibbereen on May 14th

You can read the race report here [pdf]


Weekly Club Result Updates

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Weekly Club Result Updates

It is the committees general belief that the general membership of the ISRF wants the ISRF weekly and open result published as soon as possible after the race bang off time.

But With the general slow response from some clubs sending their club results in for inclusion in the weekly  ISRF races on the day of the race and the poor response from some clubs not sending in their top 6 for the opens has made it impossible to get the result out.

The isrf committee have decided going  forward  that all clubs that want to be included in the ISRF result must send their result in on the day of the bang off .

Any club failing to comply will not be included in the result for that week

When  there is two races on the same day

1)  the open race has to be in on the day
2) The  weekly Fed race club results have to be in on the second day after the bang off .

Half of the clubs put their club result direct into pigeonlink which quickens up the final result being published and if all of the rest of the clubs did the same the result could be completed on the day of the race.



ISRF Castletown May 7th Race Report

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ISRF Castletown May 7th Race Report

Our PRO - Michael Feeney - has published the ISRF Castletown May 7th race report. 

You can read the full ISRF Top 100 race report [ here ] and the Club report [ here ].


Committee meeting dated 21-3-22

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Committee meeting dated 21-3-22


A discussion took place regarding the race program and the increase in fuel prices.
The chairman HB said the transport was looking for a 20% increase which was approx. 12000
euro. He also pointed out the shipping costs were going up.

The treasure WB presented some figures re possible increases in the charges for weekly
crates. He also said we have lost 30 members approx.

WB pointed out a 1 euro a crate inland would bring in 7000 a year approx.
The chairman HB said the channel should go up by 50 cent a bird and 2 euro to France.

A further discussion took place regarding the increase in the birdage on channel races.

Cost to France is 6000 euro transport costs.

A discussion took place regarding the cutting of the prize money or increasing the birdage.

A Increase of 1 euro a crate inland.
A Increase of 50 cent a bird channel and 2 euro to France.

Proposed J Roberts
Second W Butler

A letter from Ballymun Club re Eddie Barry and E Kelly.

It was pointed out that this case was dealt with by the ISRF committee and the committee
felt it had nothing to do with the federation. The Ballymun felt the matter should be heard
by the ISRF committee under rule ISRF 39.

39. All affiliated clubs and members agree to be bound by Federation rules and decisions of
the Federation general committee. No club may enact a rule which contravenes a Federation
rule or decision of the Federation general committee. If any member or affiliated club of the
Federation shall be guilty of any dishonourable conduct in connection with the sport, or sport
generally, or wilfully break the rules of the Federation or of his club, or is guilty of conduct
detrimental to the interests of the Federation, or refuses to comply with any decision of the
General Committee in any matter affecting the sport, the General Committee may fine or
suspend such member or club from the privileges of membership for such periods as the
General Committee shall determine. Any member making malicious statements about
Federation officials or affairs and subsequently found to be incorrect shall be brought before
the Committee and if found to be guilty shall be suspended for a period as determined by the

The committee agreed to hear the case under this rule.

A discussion took place regarding the proposal from the East Coast Federation to liberate
with the ISRF in the inland races.

It was proposed that the ECF can liberate with the ISRF if they came on the channel also. The
committee agreed to this.

The committee agreed to hold a secretaries meeting before racing starts.

Meeting closed

Secretaries meeting dated 12-4-22

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Secretaries meeting dated 12-4-22

Club reps present :

  3. CABRA
  11. D-S-W
  14. RIALTO
  15. DNC
  16. BLANCH,

Pools Sheet

 A pool sheet was presented to the club reps and it was explained only X or A,B,C,D will be acceptable and if any members does not comply with what is proposed they will not be receiving any pools as per ISRF Rules. A discussion took place re the pools sheet and all was in agreement.

Proposed Drug Testing.

It was pointed out that the IHUSR secretary sent out a draft prop call it was amendment and a revised version will be sent out to all clubs,  a general discussion took place regarding the proposed drug testing.

Price increases crate and birdage in open races

It was explained that the committee came to the decision that a increases was necessary due to the general increase in diesel and to prevent the ISRF from losing money.

The committee decided

  •  1 euro increase in the price of a crate to bring the cost of a crate to 8.5 euros.
  • 50 cent increase in all channel races to bring the birdage to 3 euro per bird in opens channel races.
  • 2 euro increase per bird for France to bring the birdage to 10 euro per bird in France.

A discussion took place re the price rises and the general feeling was that these increases will not help clubs hold on to their members

It was agreed that if the ISRF made a profit this year that it would be given back to the members next year.

It was agreed any means of raising funds for the ISRF has to be look at.


Meeting closed.




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