ISRF committee meeting 6-9-18

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ISRF committee meeting  6-9-18 

Members present MR ,HB,WB,JR ,SR,VF,GD.

The issue of hiring van to transport the birds to race point was discussed.

A letter from Rialto RPC and the response was read.


The condition of drinkers was discussed and it was pointed out they are kept clean every week , it was agreed they must be kept clean as possible of sawdust etc.

YB Talbenny.

The committee discussed the ISRF rule No 15, (see on ISRF web site) .a further discussion took place between the ISRF committee and the station manager. The ISRF committee agreed that the Y B open winner T Dillon had not broken any ISRF rules and was congratulated by the ISRF committee for having won the ISRF Talbenny   Open .

The forecast was discussed and it was pointed out that a race on Sunday may be possible.

It was agreed to put 18 birds in a crate for the weekend Mallow YB race.

Skibbereen open was discussed and the National race and may be go to castletown . It was agreed to stay in Skibbereen.

I seems that YB are not drinking in the crates which is not helping the losses to date.


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ISRF 1st Open - St. Malo, France

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Neptune - IHU-13-S-033857

"Neptune" - the only bird in the Irish South Road Fed to return home on

June 29th from St. Malo, France.

Congratulations to JOHN WHELAN & DAUGHTER of the Donnycarney RPC here in Dublin who achieved a well earned 1st open from St. Malo, France, 1st Section N and 1st club with IHU-13-S-033857. "Neptune" was the only ISRF bird to return home when 212 members sent 531 birds.

You view the full ISRF result [ here ].

This bird has flown the water 15 times and was second open from Penzance - beaten by decimals of a second.

The breeding of this pigeon is Vandebeele on the Dam side and Jansen based on the sire side.

John would like to say thank you to the trainers Stephen and John Reid for being so helpful to the team throughout the season.

Best of luck to John and the team for the future racing.

John Whelan & Daughter, Donnycarney RPC


John Whelan & Daughter, Donnycarney RPC

If anymore Details are needed please contact 353873236271 John Whelan & DTR.


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ISRF Old Bird awards 2018

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ISRF Old Bird Winners 2018 announced.

The draft old bird fed winners in various categories are available now. Results are pending committee approval and will be confirmed after the appeals period has expired.

The ISRF "Top 20" awards in various race categories are available now [click here]

The ISRF Old Bird Fed winners in various categories are available now [click here]

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