ISRF Draft Open Race Results 2020

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ISRF Draft Open Race Results 2020


The ISRF have published draft results for Open Races 2020 as follows - 

BIRDAGE BARLEYCOVE 2 OPEN OB 18-7-20 - [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE CASTLETOWN OPEN OB 13-6-19- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE PEMBROOK 1 OPEN OB 20-6-19- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE PEMBROOK 2 OPEN OB 27-6-19- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE PENZANCE 1 OPEN OB 05-7-20- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE PENZANCE 2 OPEN OB 11-7-20- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE PENZANCE 3 OPEN OB 25-7-20- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE skibb yb 2  YB  OPEN OB 03-10-20- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE SKIBBEREEN YB  OPEN OB 29-8U-20- [ download pdf ]
BIRDAGE ST MALO OPEN OB 29-7-20- [ download pdf ]

BIRDAGE talbenny yb  YB  OPEN OB 15-09-20 - [ download pdf ]


ISRF Draft Points 2020

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ISRF Draft Points 2020


The ISRF have published draft points for races so far in the following categories

Top 20 Birds in 6 OB Channel Races
Top 20 Birds in 8 OB Open Races
Top 20 Birds in 11 OB Inland Races
Top 20 Birds in 17 OB Races
Top 20 Clubs in 6 OB Channel Races
Top 20 Clubs in 8 OB Open Races
Top 20 Clubs in 11 OB Inland Races
Top 20 Clubs in 17 OB Races
Top 20 Fanciers in 6 OB Channel Races
Top 20 Fanciers in 8 OB Open Races
Top 20 Fanciers in 11 OB Inland Races
Top 20 Fanciers in 17 OB Races

You can download a copy of the DRAFT points << from here >>



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In order to comply with current laws and to keep our members safe the IHUSR have agreed the following protocol in order to restart racing.

Clubs who fail to follow the steps set out below will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension. These steps will lead to an increase in marking times, this is a small price for keeping members safe.

If you are over 70, feel unwell or suffer from an underlying health condition you must continue to stay at home as advised by the Department of Health. If you want to race you must arrange to have someone transport your pigeons and clock to the club for you. This may be a relative or fellow club member.

For the duration of this pandemic the following new conditions will apply when at the club:

- Social distancing of 2 metres MUST be observed at all times on club property.

- A maximum of 3 shall be allowed into the club room at any one time.

- It is STRONGLY recommended that a disinfected mat be placed at the club entrance and face masks be used inside the club. Hand washing facilities or hand sanatiser should be available and used between each competitor marking.

- Crates should be disinfected with Virkon S or similar before use.

- Competitors shall bring their basket of birds and clock into the club and retreat a minimum of 2 metres from the basket and other members. They may observe the race marking but cannot mark their own pigeons. Clocks should be wiped before use.

- For ETS users one member shall remove a pigeon from the competitor’s basket and scan it on the system, then move to the race basket which shall be a minimum of 3 metres away.

- A second member shall then come to the ETS system, call out the ring number on the display, if it matches the ring number of the pigeon it shall be basketted. If not please follow the procedure to remove the pigeon from the race and return it to the competitor’s basket.

- The clock can be left on the basket for the competitor.

- For competitors using rubber rings the basket, clock and race sheet shall be left in the club, as above they may observe the marking from 2 metres but may not mark their birds.

- One marker shall place the rubber ring onto the ringer then take the counterfoil to a point at least 2 metres away in order to record it.

- A second marker should remove a pigeon from the competitor’s basket and put the rubber on the bird. The ring number is called out and the counterfoil is recorded on the race sheet, bird is then basketted.

- Once all birds are basketted, sheet is signed and envelope sealed per procedure.

- Competitors shall be provided with an envelope with their name and race point on it to pay their entry money. This can be left for the treasurer to collect.

- Once all basketting is completed the clock setter can set any clocks required.

- For loading of transporters members need to observe the 2 metre social distancing requirement. This means 1 person per car/ transporter unless from the same household.

- For clock checking 2 members observe while competitors place their clock on a designated outdoor table, all observing 2 metre social distancing.

- Once all clocks are present 1 member collects and wipes the clocks, then does the printouts. These are placed on a table for collection by the other member who completes the result on the computer. This can then be distributed and clocks returned following the process above.

You can download a pdf copy of these procedures here for distribution to your club members.


Racing 2020

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ISRF Racing 2020

The Irish South Road federation have announced the racing schedule for 2020.

You can vew the card on the right ->

Dutch racing recommendations during Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions

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Dutch  racing recommendations during Covid-19 Pandemic

The "Dutch Carrier Pigeon Organization"  have produce a video on their recommendations on basketing and race preparations during the Corona Virus restrictions. You can view the video on Youtube here ...

or visit their web site for more info ->

Dutch Covid-19 pandemic - racing recommendations

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