ISRF Rules 2018


ISRF Rules 2018



1. The Name of the Federation shall be "Irish South Road Federation of Racing Pigeon Clubs". Here and after referred to as the Federation.

2. The address of the Federation shall be, Care of Secretary of the Federation.

3. That the Federation be affiliated to and governed by the rules of the Irish Homing Union.

4. That the Federation be a non-profit making organisation.

5. The Federations objectives are as follows:

a) The transportation of racing pigeons and all matters connected there with

b) To provide facilities for the convoying of racing pigeons

c) The promotion and development of activities connected with and relating to the sport of racing pigeons

d) To provide benefits for its members

e) To do all such things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.

6. The Federation shall operate in the area from Drogheda to Bray and 15mls Inland .The Federations area of operations may be varied by a resolution of the members at Federations Annual General Meeting.

7. That the entire management of the Federation be invested in the Officials and the Committee who will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and will be referred to as the General Committee. The General Committee shall have power to decide all day to day matters relating to the objectives and activities of the Federation and shall have powers to resolve members’ disputes subject to the member’s right to appeal to the Irish Homing Union.

8. That the Annual General Meeting of the Federation will be held on the 2nd weekend in January unless circumstances determine otherwise. All members to be notified.

9. That the members shall at the Annual General Meeting elect from the members present a 8 person management committee. These to be: president (the figurehead of the ISRF) chairman (responsible for day to day running of the federation) senior vice chairman junior vice chairman secretary treasurer assistant secretary assistant treasurer other positions elected at the AGM including transport managers, liberator, station managers Press Officers (PRO), IHU Delegates, Auditors, shall not form part of the management committee but will attend meetings if their area of responsibility is to be discussed.

10. All members of the General committee shall be elected annually and shall hold office until the conclusion of the previous year’s business at the Annual General Meeting. At this point a temporary Chairman and Secretary shall be proposed and seconded and elected by a simple majority of the members present and entitled to vote. The temporary Chairman and Secretary shall then conduct the election for the following years General Committee. 


11. Any committee member missing three consecutive meetings will be dropped and somebody else co-opted on. 

12. All paid up members shall be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings only.

13. The quorum necessary for a General Meeting shall be 50 members. No business can be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum is present.

14. No member shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings by proxy.

15. Resolutions at General Meetings shall be passed by a simple majority of the members present entitled to vote.

16. To be eligible for nomination for election to the General Committee a candidate must have been a member of the Federation for a continuous period of not less than three years prior to the Annual General Meeting.

17. No affiliated club may have more than two members on the Federation General committee at any one time.

18. A candidate for election to the General committee must be proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting by members of the Federation present and entitled to vote. Where there is more than one candidate for a particular office a vote shall be taken of those present and entitled to vote by a show of hands. Election shall be conducted under straight vote system.

19. That all propositions for the Annual General Meeting must be submitted by the Secretary of the Federation before the 28th November and proposed by an affiliated club. Representatives of the club must be in attendance at the Annual General Meeting. No individual can submit a proposition for the Annual General Meeting.

20. All applications from new clubs to the Federation will be read out at the start of the AGM.

21. That any club wishing to join the Federation must have at least 5 racing members and agree to remain in the Federation for a period of at least 3 years. The General Committee reserve the right to recommend to the Annual General Meeting the rejection/expulsion of any club not competing with or intending to compete with the Federation on a regular basis. ISRF Official Rules

22. A club applying for affiliation must give notice in writing to the Secretary at least twenty-one days prior to the Annual General Meeting. To become affiliated, a club must be proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting and elected by simple majority of the members present entitled to vote.

23. A person may become a member of the Federation if he is a racing member of an affiliated racing pigeon club.

24. A full list of member’s names and address must be submitted to the Federation by each club applying for affiliation and annually with club and members subscriptions.

25. That any affiliated member’s name/s must be that of the said individual/s and no loft or stud name shall be accepted for racing or otherwise.

26. That Clubs wishing to resign from the Federation must do so in writing on or before the 3rd Saturday in November. Failure to comply with this will result in the Club being liable for club subscription plus all members’ fees as agreed at the previous Annual General Meeting.

27. Any alterations to the Federation radius or section boundaries must be approved by the Federation General Committee and passed at the Federation Annual General Meeting.

28. Deleted AGM 2011.

29. The ISRF club fee be based on the number of members in each club. Fee 1 euro per member.

30. The annual subscription to the Federation must be paid by the end of February in each year. Late payments may be accepted to the end of March subject to payment of double the membership subscription for that year. It must be paid through his club and there shall be no crate allowance for such member.

31. Old age pensioners who are members for at least 10 years are entitled to a reduction of €20 in their membership fee, also junior members who are under 18.

32. Honorary Life membership may be conferred on members who have served the Federation with distinction, this to be conferred by resolution at the Annual General Meeting.

33. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the General Committee at any time. Notice of such meetings shall be published in at least one evening newspaper fourteen days prior to the meeting and such notice shall state the matter to be considered by the meeting. No other business shall be transacted at the meeting.


34. The quorum for meetings of the General committee shall be seven. No business can be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum is present.

35. The Chairman may accept for discussion at any meeting matters raised by the members that do not relate to motions before the meeting. In relation to those matters the Chairman’s decision is final.

36. The Secretary shall keep a record of all resolutions adopted at meetings together with names of movers and seconders and result of voting. The minutes to be passed at next meeting and signed by the chairman.

37. Any member having a grievance may appeal to the Federation enclosing a fee of Fifty euro which shall be forfeited if the appeal is lost
38. No appeal will be allowed where Federation rules have not been fully adhered to.

39. All affiliated clubs and members agree to be bound by Federation rules and decisions of the Federation general committee. No club may enact a rule which contravenes a Federation rule or decision of the Federation general committee. If any member or affiliated club of the Federation shall be guilty of any dishonourable conduct in connection with the sport, or sport generally, or wilfully break the rules of the Federation or of his club, or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests of the Federation, or refuses to comply with any decision of the General Committee in any matter affecting the sport, the General Committee may fine or suspend such member or club from the privileges of membership for such periods as the General Committee shall determine. Any member making malicious statements about Federation officials or affairs and subsequently found to be incorrect shall be brought
before the Committee and if found to be guilty shall be suspended for a period as determined by the Committee.

40. Any member found guilty of fraud or theft in relation to Federation activities shall be  expelled and any previous positions, pools or prize money won shall be forfeit.

41. That any member of the ISRF caught cheating must re-apply to the ISRF at the AGM once the suspension is lifted so everyone is aware that they are trying to race again.

42. Any member aggrieved by a decision of the General Committee may appeal to the Irish Homing Pigeon Union Southern Region. A written notice of such appeal must be sent to the Secretary of the Federation by registered post within fourteen days of the date the decision being appealed was made. 


43. An internal audit of the Federation’s accounts shall be carried out each year and the results there of reported to the Annual General Meeting. The General Committee may decide that an external audit be carried out at any time.

44. No profits or income shall accrue to any member of the Federation as a result of the Federations activities. However, this provision shall not prevent a reasonable sum being paid to the Secretary and the Treasurer in consideration of their work for the Federation, the amount of such payments to be decided.

45. The funds of the Federation shall be used for the carrying out of the Federation’s objects and activities.

46. The books and accounts of the Federation may be inspected at any time by any member of the Committee or any other person approved by the General Committee.

47. The Federation may open and keep accounts with banks or other financial institutions as may be decided by the General Committee. Withdrawals may be made by the Treasurer up to a level as may be fixed from time to time by the General Committee. Withdrawals over such level as may be fixed by the General Committee shall require the signature of the Treasurer to be counter signed by the Secretary and the President.

48. In the event of funds being required to finance the activities or objects of the Federation, a levy may be made on members by resolution of the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. 


49. That the General Committee of the Federation is empowered to set birdage and fees on an annual basis, and to impose levies when it is deemed necessary.

50. Payments for crates and open races. Each club to submit to the treasurer 15 blank cheques signed and crossed made out to the I S R F. 11 cheques for the payment of open races 4 cheques for the payment of crates. 2016

51. The Federation reserves the right to test for drugs or any other illegal performance enhancing substance on any pigeon competing in any race organized by the Irish South Road Federation. Any member or nominee refusing or impeding the collection of samples will be reported and disciplined. Authorised officials will remove droppings, swab, or feathers or all three for testing and placed in containers in the presence of their owner or nominee. The testing will be carried out at a time and place decided by the officials. Two samples will be taken A & B for the test. Container B will be retained by the nominated testing laboratory at the required temperature. Both containers will be labelled and sealed in the presence of the owner or nominee. Should the result prove positive notification to the owner would be by recorded delivery. Within five working days following receipt of the notification the owner or
nominee can demand also by recorded delivery a further test on the B sample held at the laboratory. Should the owner not request the B sample test the first test will be considered final and there will be no appeal.

52. That the General Committee in extreme circumstances have the authority to amend the Race Programme and the members to be notified at any given time through their Club Secretary.

53. Each member can only pay 1 fee therefore he/she can only enter his/her birds through the club to which this fee is paid.

54. The General Committee may decide as they think fit on any matter not provided for in this Rule Book, subject to the right of any member aggrieved by any such decision to appeal to the Irish Homing Pigeon Union Southern Region. Notice of such appeal must be given in writing and sent to the Secretary of the Federation within fourteen days of the making of the decision complained of.

55. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time on requisitions signed by at least one third of the members entitled to attend and vote, and who sign a requisition to that effect. Notice of such meeting must be published in at least one evening newspaper, fourteen days prior to the meeting and such notice shall state the business to be conducted at the meeting. No other business than that stated in the notice shall be conducted at the meeting

56. The rules may be amended by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose and in either case by a two- thirds majority of those members present and entitled to vote.

57. Each member shall be entitled to a copy of the Rules Free of charge through his club Secretary. Replacement copies can be had for free.

58. The Federation may at any time be dissolved by a two-third majority vote of members who have had five years continuous full membership and who are present at the Extraordinary General Meeting call for that purpose and of which fourteen days notice has been given by publication in at least one evening newspaper. A further meeting shall be held to confirm such resolution.

59. Any surplus left after payment of all the Federations’ just debts and liabilities upon dissolution shall be applied to such charitable purposes as the General Committee may decide. No member of the Federation shall be entitled to any share in any such surplus.

60. Each Club to submit the name and contact details of at least 1 member to the federation secretary, these members to be responsible for submitting computerised information to the secretary as needed on behalf of the club.

61. Conveyers apply in writing for the position, applicants to be interviewed by the federation committee. Successful applicants to sign and agree to terms and responsibilities.

62 That an internet code of conduct be adopted to apply to all members, this document to be published on the website and rule book

63 That fed sec returns acknowledgement letter by reg post within 7 days of receiving any letters by members provided a registered letter was sent to the fed secretary

64 There to be only one person as liberator.

65 Any ISRF member caught cheating that they be banned for life from I S R F.

66 When the secretary and chairman meeting is called clubs chief clock setter is also invited so all masters and systems can be checked to ensure they have the most up to date software etc 


67 DRUG TESTING -  If possible drug testing of racing pigeons to take place on a Friday night before the birds are race marked. The selected birds are to be put in to crates or pens to hold the birds in club rooms until the drug testing procedure is completed.

68 That when a drug test is carried out that a copy of the results be sent to all clubs in the ISRF.

69 Drug testing to be sent off to the lab for testing within 7 days of testing and tested fanciers be notified of results.2015

70 A minimum of 2 drug test per club per year and send 6 old bird and 6 young bird for drug test . Spoil test to be redone. 2016

71 ISRF Cheques must be cashed within 6 months of date of cheque. Cheque not cashed will not be replaced and the fancier concerned will bear the loss of the value of the cheque. ISRF Committee. 2016.


72 The committee will carry out drug test in the lofts selected by the Chairman or President during the racing year the day after the race. 2017

73 A simple majority of 1 of the ISRF committee can call a ISRF committee meeting. 2017


74) The fed fee be increased by 15 euro.  Fed fee 90 euro (2018)

75). The federation in conjunction with the union should take promotion of the sport seriously and give all support needed to the PRO. (2018)

76) Treat the dwindling numbers over the last few decades as the biggest issue facing the sport and take action. (2018)

77). Start the country wide campaign to look for recognition as a sport or similar status with the goal of securing funding which will allow for the sport to grow. (2018)



1. That all members must time in their birds by means of an automatic timing clock (henceforth referred to as clock) or Electronic Timing System (henceforth referred to as ETS). Use of clocks and ETS shall be subject to compliance with Irish Homing Union rules. Two methods of timing are not permitted in any race.

2. That all clocks be three way tested annually in accordance with the IHU rule 65, (upright in box-flat face down- flat face up), records of the test must be kept and a copy to be forwarded to the Federation Secretary prior to the commencement of racing each year.

3. The 3-way test certificate must be issued annually for clocks, which have been successfully tested. Under no circumstances must a certificate be issued to a clock which has failed the test.

4. All clocks being used in Federation races must be accompanied by a current three-way-test certificate.

5. All Federation Clubs must keep a clock/Electronic Timing System record book in which clock details and signed Electronic Timing System printouts will be kept on a weekly basis during the racing season. The clock/Electronic Timing System record book must be made available to the Federation General Committee if requested. All signed Electronic Timing System printouts must be retained by the club until the following AGM.

6. The make and serial number of ETS club systems and clocks must be registered with the Federation. No unregistered system may be used for any race flown under Federation rules.

7. All master timers for clocks must be set via Speaking Clock for all races before any clocks can be set, the same conditions apply to the run off. Clock officials must also ensure that they cross check with their nominated club before any clocks are run-off. Clocks may also be set or checked using ETS club systems provided the ETS club system has itself been set using Radio Clock or GPS AND provides a printout of same which must be signed by a station official.

8. ETS club systems must be set using GPS or radio clocks which have received an up to date time signal.

9. No member shall be allowed to set or strike off his or her own clock.


10 For all races clocks and ETS must be checked in the same clock station in which they were set unless permission is given by the federation secretary or president. Members who get anyone else to clear their clocks for any race organised by the federation will be disciplined by.the.federation.committee.

11. For clocks any number of rubbers may be put in a thimble or 

12. No Federation member shall be permitted to race mark his/her own birds. While electronic race registration is taking place, apart from the officials engaged in the registration, to ensure security all other persons must remain at least one metre from the Club system. No person may act as an official while his or her own birds are being recorded or clock timings.are.checked.

13. Each member using non ETS clocks will be issued with a verification envelope at clock station setting, this envelope to be filled in completely by competitor and returned with clock for checking. If a member arrives at the clock station without his envelope or with the envelope incorrectly filled out he will be given an agreed time to comply provided he is co-operative. In the case of a genuine mistake no member shall be disqualified. Clock station official must note the arrival time of the clock on this envelope in case of dispute. Members using ETS no longer require. Envelopes.

14. For members not using ETS, after checking of times all information pertaining to the clock including printouts and rubbers must be placed in the members verification envelope, sealed and signed by the checking official.



For Open Channel Races

All clocks on the channel races to be returned to clubs for 7 pm . No clocks accepted after 7 pm. No clocks to be printed before 7 pm. Birds clocked after 6pm to be returned to the club at 7pm the following evening. (2018)


For Open Inland Races.

All clocks to be returned to clubs for 5pm or within 2 hours if clocking later than 3 pm (Saturday & Sunday). No clocks to be printed before 5pm. Stations open for 1 hour. For weekday open races (Monday to Friday) all clocks to be returned to stations for 7pm or within 2 hours if clocking later than 5 pm. Committee  (2018)

16. Should a clock have varied at more than a rate of five seconds per hour, a fast clock will be regarded as correct, a slow clock shall have double the proportionate lost time added. Should member’s clocks stop through not being properly wound up or set, the said member shall have his entry fee and pools monies returned in full. Any Electronic Timing System clock that varies by 3 second or more per day must be returned to the manufacturer for testing. Any pigeons recorded on this clock will not be accepted for inclusion in the race result until the manufacturers test report has been approved.

17. If a member tops the Federation inland race by more then 100 ypm from the second member, said member will be disqualified as having recorded an improbable velocity.

18. That all Federation crates must carry a label stating club name, sex of birds in crate, and number of birds in crate.

19. That all Federation crates must be secured with two numbered metal seals.

20. That race results must be with the Federation secretary not later than three days following the close of any race. 

21. That members must ensure that before competing in any race or show all rings are registered in their name and pigeons bearing these rings have been vaccinated in accordance with the Department of Agriculture and Rural development directive.

22. Those members claiming awards must do so not later than the stipulated date issued by the Federation secretary. It is the responsibility of the claimants to ensure their Club Secretary submits the claim.

23. That all Federation members are pinpointed with the Global Positioning System and the measurement calculated by the IHU.

24. All Federation inland races are one day races. Clocks for these races must be checked/ struck off on the day of the race. Channel races up to Sennen Cove are three day races, the French race is a four day race unless all positions are filled prior to this.

25. The General Committee of the Federation are empowered to stamp, re-ring or otherwise mark any bird, or take any other necessary action to ensure all is in order.

26. Objections to any Federation result must be lodged to the secretary in writing within seven days of publication.

27. That the General Committee reserve the right to send representatives to oversee race marking, clock setting, or any other procedure they wish to observe at affiliated clubs.

28. When race marking birds for races at least five individual members must be present before such race marking can commence (a partnership equals one member). Clubs with 10 or less members complete a sign in sheet each week and hand to the transport manager to show minimum 5 federation members present at marking time. If no sheet is received the club is excluded from the result for that week. Clubs found to be falsifying this information to
be expelled.

29. To compete for Federation honours a Club must have at least five individual members present during race marking for any given race (a partnership equals one member).

30. It is permitted for members to buy their own crate provided they can fill the crate with the required number of birds as laid down by the Federation.

31. No competitor can compete in the Federation races unless he is a member of the Irish Homing Pigeon Union.

32. All birds must be bona fide property of the member whose name they are entered in. All birds winning Federation positions will be verified with the Irish Homing Pigeon Union. Proof of transfer of non IHU rings must be produced before clocking times are checked. .

33. No Young Birds will be basked with Old Birds.

34. The Secretary makes out the time schedule for each race, all clubs to be notified of these times.
35. The committee have the power to send one or two representatives bearing a letter of authority passed at a quorum of committee, quorum being five, and signed by the Federation Secretary to any loft to check either the arrival of a bird or the clock in any way they think fit. Such representatives to have the right to bring away clock with them for the purpose of verification, any member causing any obstruction to this rule to be expelled.


36. Any club caught carrying birds that do not belong to a member of the Federation shall be fined €150 and the member who entered same on race sheet shall be suspended for one year from the date of race.

37. The Secretary has the authority to distribute the crates according to the amount of members in each club after deducting fifty for use by well supported clubs.

38 All crates to be dressed properly, any crate not complying with same shall be refused collection by transport manager. Only sawdust must be used as dressing, wood chipping is not acceptable. Crates to be disinfected weekly.


39. In the event of not enough pool birds being timed in any Open Race the remainder of pools to be divided equally to the time pooled birds. If no bird home in any pools or nom, such monies to be returned to competitors.

40. Hours of darkness are from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise unless a bird should be clocked in after the former or before the latter when such time will be taken as start or finish.

41. The liberator has the power to bring back birds from all races to a nearer race point to home if they see fit to do so. He may also change the marking date, time or race point in the event of an adverse weather forecast. Also the liberator is the only person who decides whether or not to liberate birds.

42. The seal number, setting time and first available cell number of each clock will be recorded in a book at each Open Race clock setting.

43. All transporters will carry a log book into which will be recorded all items relating to each race. Such details to include time of departure and arrival at race point and details of any stops made for feeding/ watering purposes. This log book to be produced on request from the Federation President or Secretary.

44. That the federation be divided into 6 sections. All lofts to be allocated to a section by the federation committee. Fanciers who are outside the section their club is allocated to be assigned to a section that suits where they live.

45. That there be federation awards for the following categories, results to be based on points scored in the top 100 positions each week. The points will range from 100 to 1 for the first 100 position regardless of the number of birds sent for all races .Best club, best fancier, champion old bird, champion young bird, champion channel bird, best fancier old bird racing, best fancier young bird racing, best fancier channel racing, best fancier open races, best
fancier inland races. 2016

46. Any Bird achieving three Open Positions from Federation French Race will receive an award (gold medal).

47. A Meritorious Award will be given to one Old Bird and one Young Bird each year, this must be applied for by the member and judged by three committee members, This applies to Federation Open Races only.

48. Each club must send a list of club seals with their clock setters for Open Races and that club have somebody on hand to record seals leaving station after clock setting.

49. Each club to send two members to assist at marking and setting of clocks for Open Races. Any club failing to send two members to the marking or clock setting will be fined €100. Also to help at the loading of transporters.

50. Deleted AGM 2012

51. Deleted AGM 2012

52. That the ETS sheets be accepted as official Race Sheets in open races by the Federation.

53. That the Prize money be €1000.00 for the winner of open races.

54. All clubs in the Federation have to verify all winning pigeons.

55. That clocks be set on the same day of the marking of birds for open races where possible.

56. All members Racing in open races must have their name, and name of club clearly marked on their clocks.

57. That there be awards for a fancier of the year and best novice of the year winners of the award to be nominated by their club.

58. That the minimum number of birds per crate be as follows:

  • inland federation 20 old birds 20 young birds,
  • open races 18 birds,
  • channel races 16 birds,
  • France race 14 birds.
  • A maximum of 25 birds in crates for inland races. (2015)

59. Race program to be decided at a meeting attended by club secretaries and Presidents, said meeting to take place at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting and communicated at least 14 days in advance via text message to club secretaries. Suggested race programs to be submitted to the Federation secretary in writing at least 7 days before this meeting.

60 All club and federation winning pigeons to be verified by club or federation officials. This process to include checking ownership and liberation of the winning pigeon and re-entry to their loft being observed. Unverified winners will be disqualified after 7 days.

61. Any competitor found by ISRF committee to be racing sick pigeons to be suspended from racing for the following 3 weekends.

62. That there be a 50 bird limit for all ISRF races.

63. Any club submitting a cheque for the entry of any race without sufficient funds to cover it will be fined €50. The said club will meet all cost incurred. The General Committee will discipline habitual offenders.

64. Should a fault occur with a members clock this clock must be brought to the clock station official. Any member who opens his clock to re-clock into another clock will be disqualified and the member suspended for 2 weekends.

65. Marking for UK channel races shall be 2 nights before liberation, no morning marking.

66. Any member contacting the transporters between loading of pigeons and return to the yard without permission to be disciplined by the committee.

67. If the Millar Gold Cup liberation site or time is unsuitable for ISRF competitors the liberation committee are authorised to liberate independently in the best interests of the pigeons.

68. All clubs in Open races text ISRF secretary with top 6 velocities within 1 hour of result being done, allowing a minimum of a top 10 provisional result to be published on the day of the race.(2015)

69 That all clubs abide by guidelines for race marking and clock checking as published in the rule book and on the website

70 That all basketing and clocking information regarding 1st federation winning pigeons be sent to the federation secretary within 7 days of race result being issued. Failure to do this will result in automatic disqualification.

71 That all club crates being transported to pick up points for race loading be accompanied by minimum 2 people. A minimum of 3 people are required to help the load of the crates. Clubs failing to comply to be automatically excluded from race result for that week. Habitual offenders to be dealt with by the committee

72 The members of the Kimmage club must mark their pigeons each week in the Celtic club in order to compete in the I S R F weekly races and for their club to remain a member of the ISRF.

73 Pigeonlink website funding for the coming season is 1Euro per ISRF member.

74 That long range weather forecast be used before race marking and decision made Friday at 1pm o’clock if race marking is to be changed. (2015)

75 That the doors on the wooden creates be fixed to stop them from not opening during liberations.


76 All federation members to receive texts re marking changes, liberations etc rather than just club secretaries.

77 The ISRF website will be updated weekly with results and information on races and will be used to communicate race or rule changes to members.

78 For Barleycove birds must have more time for rest and marking should be on Friday morning.


79 Each club should be instructed to elect a chief clock setter.

80 To change the way we feed birds on a holdover. They should be fed half an ounce when a holdover is called and a further half an ounce approximately five hours later.

81 That the federation only feed maize to the birds when channel racing or holdovers.

82 Where there is an issue with a bird or birds escaping the transporter, the transport manager should meet the transporter as soon as possible and report to the chairman.

83 The transporter should be sprayed and disinfected each week.

84 Copies of results should be available at the transporter to facilitate members who are not computer literate.

85 The federation will uphold all domestic club rules regarding the setting and checking times for clocks providing the rules do not contravene federation or IHU rules. (2015)

86 That a race be held in memory of Keith Walker, the first open Penzance race. (2015)

87 That crates be loaded in a vertical and systematic order. (2016)

88 That a full liberators and conveyors report or race videos be made available for all Federation races. (2016).

89 The top 10 fanciers in the ISRF will receive a diploma at the end of the year . (2017)

90 That sections fanciers of the year be given more recognition at the federation annual presentation with the presentation of a trophy. This is to recognize that some sections have much more difficulty in actually winning the federation. (2017)


91)  The race program will be for the next 5 years if possible.  (2018)

92). That all inland races be marked on Friday nights when possible (2018)

93). The YB Open Races will not clash with the Skibbereen I. N.F.C. race. (2018)

94) To encourage small team fanciers to send to open races On a trial bases it is proposed to introduce a European points system (loft performance) for open races. 500 euro sponsorship by Pigeonlink. Plus 500 euro from the ISRF. 1000 euro divided between the first 3 lofts ,500,300,200 euro.

Birds must be carded in the first ISRF 100 positions.

 Points per bird for each race = bird limit/birds sent = points per bird Eg 50/25 birds sent = 2 points per bird.

Total points for each fancier is added up each week and added to a weekly league of points. Pigeonlink will supply a weekly running average for this league. (2018)

95). Water system to be improved when necessary.(2018)

96)  Every race lib  tobe video recorded  (2018)

97) .Clubs must text the transporter managers the total number of full crates before the full crates leave their club. Each week. (2018)

98)  All other organisations in Ireland that want to travel with the ISRF will be accepted provided the ISRF has room and the ISRF committee has been informed before the racing season has started. The cost per crate will be decided by the ISRF.






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