I.H.U Ring Lists 2015

6900170400SkerriesMartin Rock0878545166
7040171000The Banner RPCJason Benson086 8166826
7100174500St Mary'sEugene Fitzgerald0872526726
7700180000Carlow & DistrictSeamus Nelson0851170356
8000181000Cork North WestNeil Crean0872736228
8100183000Cork South RoadGary Healy0861662391
8300184400BallyphehaneRichard Harris0851698062
8440186000Cork SouthernGer Fahy0868380949
8600187100Cork NorthernMichael Backen0876239821
8710187300TempleThomas O'Rourke0021430112
8730188500MallowDaniel Rice0834426086
8850189000ShankillJames Byrne0861585860
8900190500Dundalk North EndImelda Murphy0860309767
9050191700Wicklow South RoadEamonn O'Brien
9170193000YoughalMichael Ahern0862127222
9300195000Suir ValleyMatthew O'Donnell0861907178
9500195700North KildareJim Hickey0872251111
9570196000Dublin North CountyDerek O'Reilly0866058967
9600197300GalwayMartin Heaney
9730198800RoscreaKieran Galvin
9880199000MonaghanGerry Swift0851742029
99001100500Southern Region
100501101000Tallaght WestJohn Conlan0876613799
101001103200TallaghtKeith Somers0866642819
103201104000OldcastleWillie Robinson0863074144
104001105500Wexford North/SouthMichael Driscoll0862018616

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