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The Irish South Road Federation (ISRF) was formed in 1968 and currently has approximately 800 racing members/partnerships in over thirty clubs. The federation covers an area from Wicklow to Monaghan, with the majority of the members located in the Dublin region
The weekly races have approx 8,000 to 14,000 birds competing in the inland races, and 2000 to 4000 approx birds competing in the six channel races. Depending on where the birds cross, they will fly between 60 and 100 miles approximately from England (the Irish Channel) and over 600 miles from France (St Malo) to Dublin.
The ISRF has four 40 foot transporters with a carrying capacity of nearly 17,000 birds at 20 birds per crate. Birds are also transported from other Irish clubs and federations that are outside the ISRF area and liberated by the ISRF at different race points (depending on the capacity of the transporters). They are charged a completive price, the Clubs and federations looking for this service must apply in writing to the ISRF committee for approval.
The ISRF committee do what they can to support the sport where possible. The Federation Members compete on a weekly basis from April to September from locations within Ireland, the United Kingdom, And France.
During the racing year there are ten open races ,four from Barleycove (200 miles) ,six channel races. Talbenny (130miles ) England, four from Penzance (240 miles) England and St Malo (370 miles) France, with a total prize money of €30,000 in 2013. There are six sections in the ISRF with weekly federation results.
The wind direction can vary for warm SW winds which generally give a winning velocity of 1400 to 1700 yards/min to cold  NE winds giving winning velocity’s 900 to 1300 yards/min.

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